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Below we have listed a series of recommendations on how to take best care of your Veark knives. Treat them with respect and it will last you a lifetime.

 Please read below or you can also download a PDF of our care instructions here:

Forged Knives - PDF Care instruction

Bread knife - PDF Care instruction


• a sharp knife is a safe knife! 

Drop forged collection: Hone your knife regularly with a steel, diamond or ceramic honing rod to stay sharp.

Bread Knife: no honing required


• use a cutting board. 

Cutting on hard materials like glass, stone, ceramic or steel will make your knife dull. Please use cutting boards made from wood or plastic.


• cut straight, do not scrape.

Avoid scraping the blade sideways over any surface. To move food from your cutting board to a pan, turn your knife upside-down and push with the rear spine of the blade instead.


• keep it clean. 

Rinse your knife after use. Do not let any food dry on the blade. Use only mild dish soap and non-abrasive cleaning utensils.


• wipe it dry.

Thoroughly dry your knife with a towel after cleaning.


• store safely.

Find a dedicated space for your knife. It should not be knocking around against other objects in a kitchen drawer.


• do not drop it.  

Especially onto hard floors.


• dishwasher. 

Chefs Knife and Santoku Knife:

The single piece knives will basically be able to withstand dishwasher use, their sharpness however will not! Your knife will have a higher demand for maintenance to keep it sharp. So, we cannot recommend putting the knife into the dishwasher!


Bread Knife:

Do not put your BK22 breadknife in the dishwasher. The wooden handle can not withstand the high temperatures and moisture in the dishwasher.


• sharpening.

Chefs Knife and Santoku Knife:

We do not recommend using any promiseful sharpening machines. If honing your knife does not bring back the sharpness, use proper whetstones or have it sharpened by a professional.

Bread Knife:

The teeth of the BK22 are designed to last a very long time.

If they should ever lose their bite, have it sharpened by a professional.


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