Made for everyday use.

We believe in quality that will elevate the everyday cooking experience and inspire you to do more. Our products are designed to be used as your go-to tools, not kept in the drawer for special occasions.

Honest manufacturing

Made from a single piece of stainless steel, each knife is drop forged by experienced craftsmen in the traditional knife manufacturing town of Solingen, Germany. The single piece design means we avoid unnecessary materials or joints, making it both more durable and sustainable.

Sharp for longer

The typical Solingen knife has a hardness of 55-56 Rockwell. We exceed that at 58 Rockwell. That means a harder knife that stays sharper for longer.

Unique handle

The drop forging process leaves each knife with individual patterns on the handle, just like we see in nature. A beautiful detail that gives the knife its own character and while serving as a reminder of the honest craftsmanship that went into the making. 

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