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#stayhome special

get 20% discount on our CK01 and SK01 knives with code HOME20 go to knives

better together

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#stayhome special


Dear Customers.

Staying home goes hand in and with a lot of cooking. To make this a little easier, we are offering everyone 20% discount on our CK01 and SK01 knives.

Just enter the code HOME20 at the checkout.

Stay home - stay healthy.

Daniel & Christian


( code only applicable to CK01 and SK01 )


Single piece design

Made from a single piece of stainless steel in the traditional knife forging town of Solingen, Germany.

Sharper for longer

The typical Solingen knife has a hardness of 55-56 Rockwell, we even exceed that at 58 Rockwell. What that basically means is: a harder knife can get sharper and keep a sharp edge for longer.

VEARK knife ergonomics - how to hold your kitchen knife

Open handle ergonomics

We looked at how pro chefs hold their knives and developed the handle so it invites you to slide your thumb onto the blade, and grab the knife in a so called pinch grip to balance it between your thumb and index finger.

Hear what our customers say about our knives:

Woo hoo !! Santoku’s ordered 🤩

We love our CK01s and can’t wait for the SK01s ❤️

Naomi Dare

I got mine two days ago and i am very pleased with the quality. I like your wrapping. Very sustainable and effective!

Thanks for this great product!

Michael Schweizer

Thank you for the knife gents. So sharp it cut itself through the cloth it travelled in.

Really comfortable to handle.

Stuart Nickless

Voices from the press

VEARK’s CK01 gives the knife blade the reverence it deserves. 

Literally designed to be a tool-of-trade, the knife’s design embodies aspects of tool-design, with a unibody construction, and a handle that feels firm and comfortable (...)

One part strategic design, one part handcrafted art, and all parts balanced, the VEARK CK01 Chef’s Knife (...)

The single piece build complements a minimalist design that explores the concept of “less is more” while infusing the knife with personality.