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Jesper Gøtz – our BK22 collaborator

Jesper Gøtz – our BK22 collaborator

Meet Jesper Gøtz – chef, baker and our collaborator on the newly launched BK22 Bread Knife.

With a background in several top restaurants and founder of one of Copenhagen's most buzzing bakeries, Jesper is a true "maker" and craftsman. So we were happy to learn that he was interested in developing a knife with us. 

We've been collaborating with Jesper on the BK22 to achieve a knife that is both streamlined and iconic, but also highly functional. 

To celebrate the launch, we spent a day at Jesper's workshop in Raadvad just north of Copenhagen, where he put the BK22 (and the rest of the Veark lineup) to the test, and cooked us a nice meal with fresh sourdough on the side. 

Below are a few words from Jesper and impressions from the day. 


What role does "kitchen tools" play in your life as a chef and baker?

Proper tools play a massive role as a chef and baker. High quality tools help to levitate products to a higher level and make the journey much easier and comfortable.

You have a growing portfolio of products, what is your philosophy here?
Would you go 18 holes on a golf course without a proper set of clubs? No! So I’m developing a series of products that are essential for baking. 

Why a collaboration with Veark?
I was handed a set of knives and really enjoy working with these. When asked about developing a bread knife in collaboration together I felt like this would result in an amazing products. And I believe we succeeded.

What details on the BK22 makes it a great bread knife?
The knife is very sharp and slices bread and other produce super efficiently. Also the balance in the knife and the slightly heavier feel in the handle gives it a great momentum when working for a long period of time. I would also highlight the rounded tip on the blade, which helps to avoid getting "stuck" in the bread, and the wooden support for the balancing finger. 






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